Excel Realty is a Women Owned Business and strives to be the ultimate consumer advocate for buyers and sellers in the Southern California area known as the Inland Empire.  Get to know the West End of the Inland Empire where Excel Realty can provide exceptional representation.


Our philosophy is “Single advocacy is more important than dual interests.”  This means that the organization’s focus is to support the client’s side of the transaction only.  One cannot be at two places wholeheartedly.


In addition, we understand that not every person is ready for home ownership or may not desire to be a homeowner.  However, there is an interest in other components which fall outside of home ownership and are still within the umbrella of real estate.   Let Excel Realty be your Community Concierge.


Areas which our clients have found most useful include:

Home Ownership


  1. Down payment programs
  2. Prepare yourself for home ownership
  3. Home ownership options as you reach retirement age


  1. Prepare your home for sale
  2. Marketing options to maximize the sale of your home
  3. Relocation assistance

Money Management

  1. Protect your credit
  2. How to create and manage your finances
  3. Preparing yourself for retirement
  4. Financial literacy workshops

Renter Wise

  1.   Prepare yourself for the rental process
  2.   Paperwork you will need
  3.   Ask the right questions when apartment hunting


Let Excel Realty successfully advocate your next transaction.